St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome to a new series on the blog!

Since last September, my blogs looked at my travels either by myself or with students. However, this Mother’s Day (in the US Mother’s Day was this last Sunday), I am starting a blog about the trips that my son and I have gone on — mostly by ourselves, but there will be a few travels that we also took with my parents.

We are kicking off the series with our very first mother/son trip.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a single mom of a fabulous 13-year-old young man. At the ripe ol’ age of 28 I found myself suddenly single with a 2-year-old– that’s a different story that I’d rather not get into in this light-hearted blog, but it gives you a little background.

Growing up, my family went on some truly wonderful vacations, and as my son got older, I felt like he was getting cheated out of those kinds of experiences because of my fear of traveling alone with a young child. So I decided that I was done “waiting around” for our life situation to change, and we began to go on trips, just the two of us.

So one day while driving home from Dairy Queen (an ice cream store for you non-Americans), I asked my son where he would like to go on vacation. He was five years old at the time, and I anticipated hearing something along the lines of Disney World or some other place that children have heard of. Instead he says boldly that he wants very much to go to St. Louis.

St. Louis? Where on Earth does a five-year-old year about St. Louis? And then it came to me… Veggie Tales… “Meet me in St. Louie, Louie. Meet me at the fair.” So I laughed, and figured when I asked him a few weeks later he might change his mind (as five-year-olds often do). However, Gabriel was consistent, and so a few weeks later I booked us a stay at a (cheap) centrally located hotel in the lovely city of St. Louis.

Though I grew up only a few hours away from St. Louis, I had NEVER been! I’d heard many lovely things about the place, but I mainly new about the arch and that was it. So I did some research, and a few months later, we were on our way- braving the road on our own!

Honestly, St. Louis was a wonderful place for us to start our adventures. For one, it’s only a four-hour drive from Indianapolis, which isn’t too terrible for a five-year-old to handle in one go. We did stop for lunch, where he lost his second tooth, and we found out that the Tooth Fairy does find you no matter where you are staying. AND she gives bigger gifts in new places because Mom didn’t have any change. ๐Ÿ™‚


Our first stop was, of course, the Mississippi River. We crossed the bridge from Illinois into Missouri, and pulled over almost immediately into the riverfront parking. We walked along the shore for a while enjoying the cool breeze off the water – the temperatures for the days we were there were in the mid-90s, so the breeze was welcomed!


The first thing Gabriel noticed was a river boat, and we simply HAD to take the day cruise right that minute! So that’s what we did — it was the perfect way to see the city for the first time. The guide came over the speakers and pointed out famous landmarks and gave us historical insights into the city and the expansion of Anglo-invaders to the western portions of the United States.



We chose the boatย Tom Sawyer for obvious reasons– I’m an English teacher!


The English teacher in me found the name of this boat particularly hilarious


After our trip on the boat, we headed straight for the arch! Gabriel was blown away by the sheer size of the arch. We went under the arch where there is a museum run by the National Park Service and it is free (donations are accepted).ย  The museum gives much of the history of Westward Expansion, life on the prairie, and how people lived before the west was “settled.” It was truly fascinating for us both, and we came back the next day as well because Gabriel wanted to see it again.


A statue of Thomas Jefferson – the president who pushed Westward Expansion



partial replica of a sod house


At this museum we had a defining experience. It seems strange to say that, but it is true. The park ranger who explained the museum to us gave us a worksheet for Gabriel to complete while we looked around, and he told us to come back when we were finished.

We walked around the exhibits and answered the questions and returned, as instructed, to the park ranger station. The ranger then told us about the Junior Ranger program, and explained to Gabriel (not me) the importance of keeping our National Parks and historic sights clean, safe, and protected. He told Gabriel that as a Junior Ranger, it was his responsibility to make sure he did whatever he could to keep the parks clean and safe. Then, he swore Gabriel in as a Junior Ranger and gave him his first (of many) Junior Ranger badges. Later Gabriel expressed to me that he thought the responsibility was too big for him and insisted that we go back and return the badge. It took quite some time before I was able to convince him that he was up to the challenge (so cute)!


After leaving the museum, we went back above ground and walked around the arch.ย  We laid on the grass under the arch and looked up and traced it with our fingers and talked about how, from where we were, it looked like it got paper-thin at the top. He was fascinated and horrified (thankfully) that you could travel all the way to the top and look out at the world from the top.


Here is a life lesson for you new parents out there: I should have stopped there. We had experienced quite a bit in our short time in St. Louis so far, and I should have steered us to the hotel and have been done with it. However, wanting to squeeze as much as we could into the day, I insisted that we keep going.

Five-year-olds do not have the same attention spans as their parents, and though I enjoyed the Old Courthouse quite a bit with its beautiful architecture…


… Gabriel did not!


This was after I told him we could get ice cream if he just stoped frowning.ย 

That night at the hotel we ordered a pizza and relaxed. Gabriel’s good mood returned when he learned that there was an entire channel on the TV dedicated to just golf! We watched golf for nearly an hour before I couldn’t take it anymore, and I finally got us both to sleep!

Day 2

We started out our day back at the arch, back at the museum, and of course the gift shop! We also took another cruise because our hotel gave us a free ticket… so we HAD to go! Then we visited the Dred Scott museum, and Gabriel was much more into that than he had been at the courthouse.




We also encountered a lovely public park in the middle of the city with statues, fountains, and interactive art. I highly recommend going – it is just west of the Old Courthouse.



Another note: You cannot do St. Louis the justice it deserves in two days! There were SO many things we didn’t do on that trip because we simply didn’t have the time. I’d learned my lesson the first day, and I let Gabriel guide the trip – and though I wanted him to see even more, I decided he would have the most fun if he got to choose the itinerary. So that’s what we did. We didn’t see the zoo, or the sportsball stadiums, the City Museum or Grant’s Farm. However, my son has the time of his life, and I enjoyed watching him enjoy the city!

All in all this was a wonderful first vacation for the two of us! We had an amazing time, despite the record heat they had that summer, and we made life long memories!

Come back next week to read about our next adventure – Mammoth Cave!


17 thoughts on “St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Hi, Allison, how are you doing today? I absolutely love your new series and can’t wait to hear more. I’m glad you had a great time on your very first mother/sun holiday. Exploring the world with kids can be challenging at times, but it’s such a rewarding experience. Thanks for sharing and have a good day ๐Ÿ˜€ Aiva

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  2. Dear Allison. My son and I have been doing fatherhood some trips for a long time. Do you have begun a series of trips and memories that you will cherish your entire life and so will your son Gabriel. For us it has been Seattle, Vancouver, sports related often and even cabins on a lake oh and Florida!
    I love your storytelling style and the photos. I suggest each day have its own post. – David

    Liked by 1 person

    • David, Thank you for the advice– I think you are right. My other travel posts are separated by day, but I didn’t realize I would have so much to say about St. Louis! It was WAY too much to cram into one post, and so I left quite a bit out. This will just be a much longer series that I had originally planned! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming by and for your kind words!

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  3. Darn auto correct. Please forgive errors. Father and son trips. My son kept in his drawer ticket stubs and little mementos that I learned about years later. Heโ€™s taller than I , Iโ€™m retired but those trips and memories are priceless and we keep adding to them. I loved how your parents took you to Ireland. My parents took me to Turkey. Those times are more precious now especially as mom is gone. Take care my new friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that autocorrect gets me every time! ๐Ÿ™‚ I understood what you meant – and I always tell my students that is the purpose of language: to communicate and be understood. So you’re all good!
      Ooo! A trip to Turkey! WOW! I have never been to Turkey, but I’ve read several blogs and seen pictures. It looks like a gorgeous place!
      I’m glad you had your son have those memories together. I feel like it is so important to DO things rather than buy things with my son. I feel like he will remember the trips much more than he will remember an XBox. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing your first adventure together. I laughed out loud at Gabriel’s being over it on day 1. I appreciate your honesty!!! Even more so, that you let him guide you for the rest of the trip. You are a great mom and he will surely remember these vacations as he gets older.

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